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During Fire Prevention Week, which occurs each year in October, your children are educated at school about fire alarms, fire safety plans for their house, the do’s and don’ts of fire safety, and a whole lot more. One question that we as parents should ask ourselves is what would happen if there was a fire? Would your children know how to use a fire extinguisher? Or if the smoke alarm was falsely tripped, would they know the security password to tell the alarm company?

Monitored Smoke Alarms

Any fire department, home contactor, or security alarm company would tell you that any smoke detector is better than no smoke detector. If you have children at home, the best detectors to have would be ones that can monitor fires. This means that even if you burn toast or forget the cake in the oven, the alarm will sound and be signaled to your alarm company. When that happens, the alarm company will call you and you must provide them with your security password. When the company calls, you can give them your password and explain to them that it was false alarm so they don’t call the fire department. Monitored smoke alarms are better to have rather than simple standalone ones that only beep when triggered by smoke, especially when children are in the home.

Knowing How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to fire safety. Plus, it is never too early to teach your children to use a fire extinguisher. If your home doesn’t already have a fire extinguisher, it would be a good idea to consider getting one. Some of the simplest fires can be put out with a fire extinguisher and save many of lives.

You and your family can learn how to use a fire extinguisher by either contacting your local fire department and having someone from there show you, or you can watch the video below. Having your children know how to use an extinguisher will make you, as a parent, feel a little more at ease with them at home.

Fire Plans

Every home should have a fire safety plan. A fire safety plan is also known as a fire escape plan or, as firefighters call it, “Knowing Two Ways Out.” A fire escape plan can be as simple as you as a family would like it to be. Practicing it every year at least two to three times will help all members in your family be safe, especially when little kids are involved. If you haven’t already practiced your escape plan for this month, you should make a point to get your family together and practice.

For any questions regarding monitored fire alarms contact SPS Fire and Security and, for fire extinguishers and where to get one, contact your local fire department. Both will be able to answer any questions you have.

Contact An Experienced Fire Alarm Installer

At SPS Fire & Security, fire safety goes well beyond Fire Prevention Week. We help you choose a system that works for your home and budget and then we install it for you. To learn more about our services, call us at 585-770-0348 and get a free consultation.

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