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Keeping Your Valuables Secure in Your Home

Protect Your Most Important Items

We automatically assume that our homes are the safest places for our valuables. This means putting things wherever they land instead of locking them away. Jewelry, for instance, may be stored in an unlocked jewelry box. Important documents that contain valuable information may be placed in a desk drawer or a file cabinet with no locks. Despite how secure you feel at home or how intense your home security methods are, you can never be too safe when protecting those personal belongings that are worth much more than what you paid for them.

The following are some tips on how to keep your most valuable items safe:

Keep Documents in a Safe

Insurance documents, social security cards, birth certificates, the paperwork on that diamond ring, passports, tax returns, and identifying documents need to be locked away. Thieves look for unlocked file cabinets and desks to take documents that could lead to identity theft.

Invest in a Home Security System

It doesn’t matter how many chain locks and deadbolts you have on your doors, a skilled thief can find a way to get in. Unfortunately, a lot of locks can’t do what a home security system can do and that’s alert the authorities when an intruder comes into the home. Video surveillance can capture their face and even show what they stole if they get past the sound of the alarm. Many times, a thief doesn’t continue once they hear the alarm sound.

Don’t Hide Your Spare Key Outside

This is another area where an experienced thief is going to win. They know where to find those keys that are hidden under rocks, over top of door facings, around bushes, or under that flower bed ornament. Just don’t do it. Keep a spare with a trusted neighbor or friend.

Keep Jewelry in a Safe

Whether it’s grandma’s pearls or the most expensive piece of jewelry you have ever purchased, you need to keep them locked in a safe. The first place a thief will look is the master bedroom for jewelry that is lying out in the open or inside a locked jewelry box. Many times, they’ll grab the entire jewelry box and run so they can sort through it later.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance was mentioned before, but it deserves another mention because you can’t lock your flat screen TV in a safe. The light weight of some electronics makes them easy to steak. Even if a thief decides to continue despite the sounding of the alarm, you can catch their face on video. It’s amazing how many burglars are caught because of good video surveillance.

Forget the Mattress

The mattress is another hot spot thieves will look. If you hide money or other valuables under your mattress, you can expect a burglar to find them.

Kitchen Items Belong in Cabinets

It can be tempting to hide items in those small cabinets that are up high in your kitchen. Burglars know this trick, too. They also know that that junk drawer may be hiding something valuable. Even if you have a lot of drawers in your kitchen, you can expect a thief to search, especially when there isn’t a security alarm shortening the amount of time they have to rummage.

That Small Safe is Not a Good Investment

It is fantastic to buy a safe. It is one of the greatest investments you can make. It is secure and it is fireproof so that your belongings are protected. However, the safe isn’t going to help you if it is small and not bolted down. You want to invest in a large safe that can be bolted to the floor. Not only would it be an extreme hassle for a burglar to unbolt the safe, but it would be too large for them to carry it. They would have to wheel it out on a dolly. Even that can be nearly impossible because of the weight. It can also be nearly impossible due to the fact that someone would see them wheeling a safe out of the house, and it would most likely involve multiple people. It’s not worth a burglar’s trouble to take a giant safe out of a house.

So, here are some tips to help you keep your valuables secure in your home. Even with a home security system, which will most likely deter a burglar from the start, you don’t want to leave anything laying out that could be grabbed quickly. Yes, your home is the safest place you can be, but anything can happen when you’re not home. It is better to be safe than have to deal with the consequences of a thief’s disregard for you and your property.

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