home security in the new year

Home Security in the New Year

Make a Security Resolution

The new year is almost here and so is the long list of New Year’s resolutions that you want to commit to so you can improve your life.

One of the ways you can improve your life is through your level of home security. These are resolutions that can be applied to business security as well, such as adding surveillance cameras where they need to be or upgrading existing cameras to ones that have better picture quality.

Regardless of whether you need improved security for home or business reasons, here is a list of home security resolutions that you can use to make life a bit safer for you, your family, your belongings, your business, or all your interests:

Improve Your Habits

Make sure doors are locked, the security system is set, batteries are changed in smoke detectors, and that lights are on when they need to be. Install timers for lights, especially before going on vacation, and make sure you have good outdoor security. A home or business that is lit up is one a thief is more likely to stay away from.

Consider Adding Extra Security

It may not be enough to have an alarm because thieves can strike other parts of your property. Surveillance cameras can capture who is outside. If someone breaks into an outbuilding or tries to break into your house, you can acquire footage that will help authorities catch the culprits.

Replace Outdated Security Systems

It is good for homeowners and business owners to replace outdated security systems. If your system is old, you could do better. Systems now have fire and carbon monoxide detection built in. You can add motion detectors and more sensors. There are many possibilities. All you have to do is talk to a security company that specializes in advanced systems. It is even possible to turn your home into a smart home, which makes life more convenient for you. Home automation is becoming very hot with the ability to remotely arm the security system, unlock doors, turn lights on and off, and even adjust the thermostat. All of this can be done from a smartphone.

Change Your Passcode

If you already have a security system, it is good to change your passcode. Having the same passcode all the time is a security risk. In fact, it is good to change it a couple times a year. Now is a good time to change it for the first time this year. Make sure you give the new code to everyone who needs to have it and remind them not to share it with anyone.

Lock Outside Buildings

If you have outside buildings on your property, keep them locked. Add outside video surveillance to give better security. You also want motion lights so that they are triggered when someone comes on the property. Light is always a good defense against burglars.

Buy a Fireproof Safe

If you haven’t already, you need a fireproof safe. While the security system, motion sensors, video cameras, and window and door sensors are all designed to keep thieves out, having valuables in a fireproof safe can give them even more protection in case someone does get in. One of the first places a thief visits when inside a home is the bedroom. When inside a business, they will go to the office in hopes they can find money, catch a cash register on the way, or break into the safe.

Call Your Rochester Home Security Company

To make yourself safer this year, consider investing in a modern home security or business security system. If your home or business is ever broken into or someone attempts to do so, you will be very glad that you protected everything you care about in this way. Call SPS Fire & Security today at 585-770-0348 to learn more.

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