Smart home automation

Rochester NY Smart Home Automation – What to Know

How Does Home Automation Make Life Easier?

Home automation is becoming more mainstream because of the convenience it gives homeowners. It is also becoming more practical every time a new product or capability is released. Take the smart thermostat, for instance. It adjusts to meet the comfort needs of the family and uses less energy in the meantime. The thermostat can be controlled from anywhere, which saves time and money. It also gives you peace of mind, such as making sure the thermostat is turned down or completely off when you’re away. No longer do you have to worry about going out of town or going to work and leaving a thermostat too high or a door unlocked.

Smart Home Products

The line of smart home products doesn’t stop at your thermostat. You can also make sure your doors are locked when you leave home. If you’ve ever left the house, got a mile or so away, and turned around because you weren’t sure the door was locked, you know this frustration all too well.

Now all you have to do is pull over and use your smartphone to see if your doors are locked. If they aren’t, you can lock them remotely. If you need your neighbor to go into your house instead of you having to go home and take care of something, you can unlock the door from afar.

Even appliances are a part of Rochester NY smart home automation solutions. This is done by monitoring and controlling a specific power plug. If you go out of town and forgot to turn an appliance off, you can turn it off from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection on your mobile device.

You can also control lights.

Controlling lights works great when you are out of town or at work. You can turn one light off and another on to make it appear as if someone is home. This will keep burglars away.

Remote Video Surveillance

But even if burglars don’t want to stay away, video surveillance is valuable. You can view your video feed from anywhere to see how things are going at home. Cameras can be placed inside or outside. Outside, you can monitor the exterior of the home. Inside, you can see what is happening. If you have an inside pet, you can always see what they’re up to.

You can also keep track of your alarm system. If the system is triggered, you will be notified by the monitoring center. However, being remotely connected to it will provide you with notifications.

Many Home Automation Options

There are many home automation options out there. You can control practically anything from anywhere, which makes life easier for you. Home automation can also benefit the elderly or disabled, such as being able to turn a light off or on while sitting down.

It’s all about making life easier and safer for you and your family.

Rochester NY Smart Home Automation Installers

If you are ready to automate your home, SPS Fire and Security carries a range of home automation products that can make your home work for you. You’ll save energy, money, and you’ll always have peace of mind when you’re away. Call today at 585-770-0348 to learn more.

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