video surveillance cameras in schools

Video Surveillance Cameras in Schools

School Video Surveillance Tips

Keeping our kids safe should be the school’s number one priority. Schools nowadays should have a good security system in place. Video surveillance is what every school should have between theft, accidents leading to lawsuits and unwanted visits. If a school doesn’t already have video surveillance camera system to keep an eye on areas where personnel may not be present at all times, administrators should think about contacting a security company to learn about the advantages of getting one.

Best Areas for Video Surveillance

There are many areas of a school that administrators can’t monitor all the times. Three potential areas that are should have video surveillance; parking, playground, and hallways.

Parking lots: 

Many individuals (staff, parents, kids, bus drivers, deliveries and more) come and go from the school grounds. Many problems occur in the school parking lot such as car accidents, break-ins, fights or loitering, but having security cameras to monitor that parking lot allows the administrator in charge of the cameras to oversee and playback any problems that may occur. Many problems can be resolved, such as who was at fault for a car accident.


A great number of accidents occur on the playground that not every staff member who is outside with the children can monitor. If an accident ever occurs, an administrator can playback the video surveillance footage to see all the specifics of the accident. Video surveillance can also be useful when determining who started a fight or identify someone who was on school grounds who shouldn’t have been.


One of the most common locations for video surveillance cameras is all through the school in the hallways. These locations are high traffic by not only the students and staff but many individuals who come to visit the school, such as parents and delivery people. Between fights and conflicts that happens near lockers and bathrooms, video surveillance is important to have in the hallways.

Keeping Students Safe

Parking lots, playgrounds and hallways are all good places to have video cameras, but the staff at the school knows best other areas where video surveillance can be useful. If there is a high rate of fights near a certain bathroom or around a corner that is hard to see, then maybe that is a spot where video surveillance can be added for monitoring.

Contact Your Rochester Security Company

If you as a parent or staff member know that your school doesn’t have proper security systems or needs to upgrade to more contact SPS Fire & Security at 585-770-0348.


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