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Business Security Systems and Their Role in Employee Safety

Commercial Security Systems Is the #1 Way to Protect Employees

Employee safety is a very important aspect of business security. If you are wondering how this is possible, you may be quite surprised to learn the answer. Of course, robbery defense is one aspect. When business security systems are in place that include video surveillance, robbers are most likely deterred from following through with a robbery. Without such systems, Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse businesses would see more robberies than they do.

SPS Fire & Security is an integral player in the business security system arena throughout the region, as the systems that are installed are state-of-the-art and reliable.

Employee Protections

Aside from protecting against robberies, business security systems protect employees in the following ways:

  • If employee theft is occurring, the offending employee can be charged with the offense. Unfortunately, without good video surveillance and security measures, false accusations can occur. Business interests also suffer when unable to pinpoint exactly how the theft is occurring and who is behind it. More time and resources are required when a company has to buckle down on procedures for preventing employee theft when there is no idea who is behind it.
  • Business video surveillance is good for when an accident claim is filed. If an employee is injured on the job, the video can show exactly what happened. If the employee did something to cause their injury, then this could be used if a workers’ compensation claim is filed. If the employee is injured due negligence that was not their own, the video will prove this as well.

Merchandise Protection

Business security systems can also contribute to shoplifting prevention. If a shoplifter knows there is a camera on them, they may not shoplift. If they do, the footage can be used to catch the culprit.

If there is a burglary after hours, the alarm system will sound and alert the authorities. Once again, video can be used to try and catch the thief. Most of the time, the mere presence of an alarm system and video surveillance will deter a burglar.

Furthermore, having security measures in place reduces monetary losses, which allows a business to not cut hours or freeze hiring in order to accommodate money lost to theft. This is another way in which employees are protected.

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