video surveillance and door to door scams

Using Video Surveillance in the Fight Against Door-to-Door Scams

Video Surveillance & Its Role In Protecting You

Once upon a time, someone could knock on your door with a carpet cleaner in their hand and ask you if you wanted to see a legitimate demonstration of the product. This was a way in which many companies achieved sales and how salesmen made a living for their families. The door-to-door sales job was a real job and it could be lucrative for some.

Unfortunately, things have changed and that has created a home security risk. Slowly, these jobs were phased out because of increases in scammers claiming to be salesmen when they weren’t. They have also gotten very good at their sinister craft over time, making themselves extremely convincing. They will have that vacuum or carpet cleaner on-hand, as well as a free laundry detergent sample or another free gift for letting them do an in-home demonstration. While there are still some true door-to-door salespeople out there, most are just there to case your home. Many are getting caught because people are realizing the importance of having video surveillance systems with cameras around exterior doors.

Types of Door-To-Door Scams

In Rochester, NY and other communities, there are solicitation laws. For instance, Rochester has a Peddling and Soliciting law that says a commercial traveler needs to acquire a license to commence operations within the city or Monroe County. The cost of that license is $250 and it is good for six months. However, it doesn’t stop there. A bond in the amount of $5,000 also needs to be executed by an insurance company or surety company licensed to do business in New York. The purpose of the insurance is to protect the citizens from fraudulent or false sales practices by the licensed people.

It is wise to ask a door-to-door salesperson for proof that they are who they say they are. Talk to them through the door rather than opening it up. Many home surveillance systems have caught alleged salespeople pulling on the front door if no one answers, pulling on car door handles and looking in windows. These actions indicate that the person is up to no good.

As for the types of scams, here is what Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo, and other parts of the country are experiencing:

  1. The meat company scam – A person comes to the door saying they are from a meat or food company and they want to make you a deal.
  2. The vacuum or carpet cleaner demo scam – Kirby still has some salespeople going door-to-door these days, but they will most likely have proof they are supposed to be there.
  3. Electric company scam – A person claiming to be from the electric company comes to the door and asks to see your bill for one reason or another.
  4. Security system scam – A legitimate security system company is never going to come to your door and ask to do a free estimate.
  5. Home improvement – Beware of a person claiming to be a construction worker comes to your door telling you they will fix your roof, siding, or fence for a portion of the money up front. You will never see them again.

Syracuse, Buffalo & Rochester Video Surveillance Systems Protecting Your Family

Having a video surveillance system installed around the doors of your home can prevent a fake salesperson from victimizing more people. In different parts of the country, the footage has even been shown on local news channels when it is determined the person is not who they say they are. They almost always get caught thanks to homeowners that take that extra step to protect what’s theirs.

To learn more about how you can protect your home with video surveillance, call SPS Fire & Security at 585-770-0348 or complete the contact form below and we will get back to you ASAP.

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