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Hot Home Automation Trends for 2018

Technology That is Getting Smarter

Home security has become a hot topic, especially in 2017 since more homeowners have become aware of how much a security system can protect them and what these systems can do. A home security system is much more than a device that sounds an alarm when an intruder comes into the home. They are even more than the 24/7 monitoring services they are attached to (although the authorities being called for you is a great feature to have) thanks to home automation.

Security systems have evolved so much that they have entered into the realm of home automation. You don’t have to have a home specially built to be a smart home, but you can take what you have and transform it into something that is safer and more convenient for you.

Read on for a rundown of what is expected to happen to home automation in 2018.

More Talking and Less Button Pushing

2017 marked the emergence of the voice assistant. Amazon’s Alexa is the perfect example. However, it’s possible that Google Assistant and Siri could get in on the action.

Imagine being able to control an alarm clock, the lights in your home, or appliances just by talking to Siri. Currently, the apps to control these home components are there, but through manual control rather than voice control.

As for why Siri is in the running for voice-controlled home automation, Apple relaxed the requirements of its HomeKit. It’s no longer required that compatible products contain a HomeKit chip. This means that Siri could be integrated into existing smartphone setups installed by security companies.

Home Appliances Will Get Smarter

Currently, Whirlpool and Samsung have a few appliances that can be controlled by a smartphone app.

And here’s another possibility: appliances connected to smoke detectors that turn off tan appliances if smoke is detected. This could prevent a terrifying and life-changing fire in the kitchen.

More Robust Security Systems

And just as they always do, security systems will come with faster processing speeds and other features. For instance, video surveillance is always improving. One of the goals is to further improve images captured in the dark.

Complete Security Solutions

All in all, it’s not just about the security anymore; it’s about having more control over what is yours. It’s also about having control over the scale of security. Some people like a simple security system, while others want the entire package. The flexibility is there to get what you want and it looks like 2018 is going to bring even more options for those getting new systems or upgrading their existing ones.

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