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10 Access Control System Applications

How Can an Access Control System Benefit You?

Businesses in all industries have growing security concerns for many reasons. From small mom-and-pop shops to massive facilities, it is imperative for business owners and managers to make sure that information, equipment, and people are safe at all times. This is why the access control system is no longer for the large corporation or government facility; it’s for anyone who wants the added security and protection.

The following is a list of the different facility types throughout Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo, and the entire country that are taking advantage of the protection provided by high-quality and scalable security access systems.

Health Facilities

Hospitals and clinics are implementing access control in a world where terrorism seems to be on the rise. Access control also helps with HIPAA compliance, infection control by reducing touch points, and protects sensitive areas from unauthorized individuals.

Schools and Colleges

Many schools and colleges are implementing access control, but not necessarily at the student level. This has slowly been changing as students have been issued ID cards that also serve as their keys to the doors of their schools. This level of security in schools allows the entire building or campus to be monitored from one location, a click of a button can lock down an entire school, reports can be generated as to who has accessed the building when, and video can be integrated.


Many hotels have used access control for rooms for many years. Slip the key card into the slot, pull it out quickly, and the door will unlock. However, more hotels are making it necessary for a person’s room key card to be used to enter the building after a certain time in the evenings. This is done to protect the guests and staff.

Fitness Centers

Access control is also nothing new for fitness centers and gyms. A member is issued an ID card and that card serves as their key into the building. If a member is in good standing, they can enter. If the member is not in good standing because of behavior or not paying their bill, then their access may be blocked.

Call Centers

Call center security is important because of the proprietary information and the large number of employees contained within. Plus, a lot of people can be in a facility at any given time. With shift changes that can involve dozens of people moving in and out of the doors at any given time, security guards are better able to monitor who is entering when there is a security access system logging the activity. If someone tries to enter without an ID card or someone who has been fired tries to enter using their old ID card, security will immediately know about it.

Have more control over your security.

Office Buildings

Office buildings have a lot in common with call centers, but there may be a higher level of security needed based on position. For example, there may be some areas of the building that only upper management can access. Perhaps there is an IT department that only IT specialists should have access to.


Warehouses contain merchandise that must be protected at all times. Just like with call centers and office buildings, access control can be used to keep intruders out. Only authorized personnel enters the building and only those with a certain level of clearance can access certain areas.

Storage Facilities

More storage facilities are popping up, particularly indoor facilities that are climate controlled. Access security can permit entry only to those with rented storage spaces. If a person fails to pay their bill and their access is restricted, they won’t be able to get inside with their card. Those that are permitted to enter will be able to access the main doors with their card, but only their designated storage space can be opened with the card. Access control is why some facilities can be accessed 24/7.

Supermarkets and Big Box Stores

Retail giants are starting to implement access control more often because they have areas that only employees can access. There are offices, storage areas, and break rooms. To enhance employee safety and to keep customers out of these restricted areas, access control is being used more often.

Mom-and-Pop Shops

Mom and pop shops are adding access control system panels to their back rooms and offices to protect important information and money that may be stored in these areas. The need for improved employee safety is also on the rise, giving employees a safe place to go in case there is a robbery or another event that could jeopardize safety.

A Trusted Rochester Access Control Company

A good access control system puts you in control of your security. You can choose who enters, keep track of activity, control clearance levels, and make your business safer. To learn more, contact SPS Fire & Security at 585-770-0348 for a free consult.

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