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Smart Home Security and Safety to Hit $135B

The World Is Catching On To Smart Home Security

It should come at no surprise that the global smart home security and safety market is on its way to reaching $135.5 billion just six years from now. This increase is due to growth in the adoption of smart security devices in households all around the world.

In a new report cited by Security Today, all-in-one security systems, hubs, speakers, video surveillance systems, locks, access control, and alarm systems are evaluated. All of these items are dominating the home safety and security market because of their effectiveness in enhancing security.

Plus, as technology continues to advance, the ease of integrating these safety systems and devices increases. This means that more people will be bringing them into their homes because of the faster installation windows and improved learning curves.

SPS Fire & Security is an installer for top companies and devices mentioned in the report.

Security in DIY Market vs. Professional Installation

With this data comes a look at the DIY smart home security market.

While there has been growth in the DIY market, there have been reports of people finding themselves being watched by strangers. There have been cases of people being spied on while getting dressed, thermostats being changed, strangers talking to babies through cameras.

These incidents happen due to vulnerabilities in the device security or even the internet connection. This is an area where professional installation adds an extra layer of security. It’s good to have a full risk analysis performed based on the type of security you want versus not having a risk analysis at all and being even more vulnerable to hackers. There are ways to keep hackers out, such as:

  • Encryption that is nearly impossible to break
  • Frequency hopping
  • 2-way RF that blocks what’s called “jamming attacks.”
  • Graded alarms that are more secure than ungraded alarms

24/7 monitoring Rochester

While DIY installation has its conveniences, such factors as virtual security compromising physical security, proper camera placement, system servicing, and 24/7 monitoring are absent. Although you can monitor your system with your mobile phone just like you can with a professionally installed system, having a monitoring service there all day, every day is absent. That always means it’s up to you to be paying attention to ensure the authorities are called when there is a legitimate security issue.

Smart Home Security Will Enhance with the Money

Of course, we can expect that the security will get even greater as the earnings in the industry will increase. That’s one of the reasons why the professional security industry is seeing great growth.

Just how big is the industry?

This part of the sector is expected to pass $100 billion by 2020. Right now, home security systems account for 50% of this figure with video surveillance poised to see the greatest increase over the next year.

What’s behind this boom?

It’s the need for people to keep their properties safe. It has been statistically proven around Rochester, Syracuse, and Buffalo, as well as the rest of the country that having security systems in place reduces property crimes.

Changes in security technology also help because with professional alarm installation comes integration of the latest techniques and technologies.

Basically, smart home security is the future.

Move into the Future with SPS Fire & Security

Not only do you get solid security, sound consulting, and everything needed to ensure you are physically secure, you get a partner that is personally invested in your safety. To learn more about how SPS Fire & Security can help you, call 585-770-0348 for a free consultation or complete the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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